Telaak Farms

Photos from around Telaak Farms during a farm tour on October 1, 2013.

Calf sniffing hand at Teelak Farms on October 1, 2013
the calf and yearling barn on Teelak farms
Teelak's talking about the farm
Teelak's talking about the farm during farm tour
Calf at Teelak Farms on October 1, 2013
Calf checking out the visitors
Cows at Teelak Farms on Oct. 1, 2013
Cows eating
Tractor packing silage pile


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This was much useful that have all the photos of my farm name Telaak Farm this was belong to me that have many cattle’s on it. I remember that I need to get data for this that all I got from customessaysreviews this has the new and old rating of the desire configurations.


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