Updating of the Cattaraugus County Ag Trail Brochure

Tue, 10/23/2018 - 2:08pm -- Jacquie Gardner
Cattaraugus County Ag Trail Brochure

Cattaraugus County EDPT is currently updating the Ag Trail Brochure, which will include all elements of the previous brochure, but now also include a Farm to Table Restaurants section.  This section will include restaurants who clearly state on their website, Facebook, or pamphlet/menu that they use some locally sourced food.  Cattaraugus County is also looking to add farm certification information to the Brochure.  If applicable, this would simply be the addition of a certification number and organizational affiliation printed below your farm name.  If you have certifications and are interested to have this added to your listing, or if you are interested in being a part of this brochure, or updating your current listing, please contact pjmcglew [at] cattco.org or jcgardner [at] cattco.org by Tuesday, October 30th.


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This brochure looks lot good and has good color combination in it which attracts the eyes of people. I have seen the old brochures which are posted in myassignmenthelp blog they are also having good information in it but the color combination is not effective when it compared to this brochure. This has very good look to it.


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